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Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitamin Protein

Modern science combined with the power of nature

Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein uses groundbreaking findings from medical research and combines them in a unique preparation with the natural power of immune-boosting nutrients and plant extracts.

Virpoactive® Immuni Plus specifically strengthens the immune system with a combination of important vitamins, minerals and herbal active ingredients. The natural healing power of the medicinal plant extracts contained in Viproactive® Immuni Plus has been used by cultures around the world for centuries. The unique nutrient transport system Vitaprotein ensures that the active ingredients of Immuni Plus get exactly where they are needed. In this way you strengthen your body exactly where it is needed.

Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein strengthens and protects every day

Every day your body is exposed to viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. Your immune system protects you against these harmful influences around the clock. Therefore, in order for the immune system to function properly, you need to strengthen it all year round. Viproactive® Immuni Plus relies on natural active ingredients that support the body's own defences. Thanks to the unique nutrient transport system Vitaprotein, Viproactive® Immuni Plus can transport active ingredients more effectively than other preparations in the body.

Chronic stress, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption and an unbalanced diet can weaken the immune system. You also become more susceptible to pathogens as you age. Then it is time to give the immune system extra support so that it can do all the work again. Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein strengthens the immune system with important vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients.

When should you support your immune system with Viproactive® Immuni Plus?

Persistent fatigue, repeated infections and a slow healing process can be signs of a weakened immune system. This is an indication that your body is no longer able to deal with the pathogens it deals with in everyday life. Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein helps your immune system to face the challenges of everyday life with more strength.

When stress wears down your immune system

In an increasingly fast-moving and performance-oriented everyday life, many people suffer from chronic stress. This affects the entire immune system. If your body cannot recover sufficiently after a period of stress, this leads to a disproportionate increase in stress hormone levels. At the same time, the number and activity of immune cells decreases.

Chronic stress therefore leads to a permanent weakening of your immune system and a higher sensitivity to pathogens. Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein strengthens your immune system and counteracts the effects of chronic stress.

Strong protection in a demanding everyday life

Lack of exercise and sleep as well as insufficient fluid intake are other immune-depleting factors that affect a large part of the population today. While moderate exercise promotes the formation and activation of immune cells, lack of exercise has a negative impact on the functionality of the immune system.

Sleeping less than six hours a night for several nights in a row promotes the release of stress hormones. These in turn weaken the immune system. A lack of fluid intake means that pathogens can penetrate the body more easily, since the mucous membranes are no longer protected by a water-containing film. Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein ensures that your immune system is optimally strengthened even in a demanding everyday life.

Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein strengthens the immune system with vitamins and minerals

Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein ensures that your body is adequately supplied with important vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in the optimal functioning of your immune system. Viproactive® Immuni Plus contains the necessary dosages of vitamin D, zinc and magnesium to ensure that your body is optimally supplied around the clock.

Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc for your immune system

Vitamin D not only plays an important role in the growth and maintenance of bone mass. It also takes on crucial functions in the immune response by regulating the synthesis of messenger substances. Vitamin D deficiency predisposes children in particular to respiratory infections.

Zinc is an enzymatic cofactor involved in many reactions in the body. A lack of zinc leads to an impairment of the immune system and an increased risk of infection.

Among other things, magnesium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. It is a key ally of the body in fighting infection and stress.

Viproactive® Immuni Plus combines three herbal active ingredients

Viproactive® Immuni Plus with Vitaprotein relies on natural, plant-based active ingredients. The immune booster uses the immune-boosting potential of the medicinal plants Andrographis, Uncaria and Tabebuia. These medicinal plants have been valued for their medicinal qualities for centuries in the cultures of India, Sri Lanka and South America. The patented protein carrier system Vitaprotein ensures that the herbal active ingredients are effectively distributed in the body.

The immune-boosting power of Andrographis, Uncaria, and Tabebuia

Andrographis is native to India and Sri Lanka. There, the medicinal plant has always been known for its protective and healing effects on colds and flu. Today, the active ingredients of Andrographis are used to treat various bacterial and viral diseases.

Uncaria is native to the rainforests of the Amazon region and is revered as a sacred plant by indigenous tribes. The bark of the Uncaria is used there to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Tabebuia is a tree native to South America whose bark has been used for therapeutic purposes for more than five centuries. Researchers have now isolated unique natural active ingredients with antibacterial and antiviral effects from Tabebuia.

Vitaprotein: Patented protein carrier technology for unique efficiency

While other preparations are rich in important vitamins and minerals, these often cannot develop their full effect in the body and are excreted unused. Immuni Plus therefore uses the protein-based nutrient transport system Vitaprotein. Vitaprotein ensures that the active ingredients in Viproactive® Immuni Plus get to the exact places in the body where they can benefit the most.

This is how Vitaprotein works in Viproactive® Immuni Plus

The functioning of the protein carrier technology Vitaprotein is based on the Nobel Prize-winning findings of the American basic researcher Dr. Gunter Blobel. He clarified the mechanism that enables proteins to find their destination in a cell of the body. For this, Dr. Günter Blobel won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1999.

The unique protein carrier system Vitaprotein was based on these findings by Dr. Harald Guse synthesized and patented by Schaeffer Nutraceuticals®. Vitaprotein utilizes a system of signaling substances naturally produced in the body. This system precisely and efficiently routes nutrients to the exact metabolic centers of cells in the body that need those nutrients to function. Vitaprotein is a unique protein-based transport system that is exclusively contained in the preparations of the Viproactive® series.

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