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Nutricosmetics and Navimeso® - Peptide Formula with Vitaprotein®

Under the effects of aging and the environment, our skin structure and its cells weaken over time. Currently, a popular skin care method is to apply the skin care product to the surface of the skin. However, a new, popular trend called Nutricosmetics (German Nutrikosmetik) offers the skin care solution in a different way.

Navimeso - Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Signs that your skin is aging include the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Your skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Since collagen is a major contributor to the quality and quantity of our skin structure, the decrease in collagen synthesis and loss of collagen density are the most important intrinsic factors of skin aging.

What is Nutricosmetics? And what solution in the field of beauty nutritional supplements does Schaeffer Nutraceuticals offer? Let's check out our next blog post!

So what would be the most effective strategy to slow down skin aging?

Nutricosmetics is a new generation of products that are achieving great success. What does that mean exactly? Where does "Nutricosmetics" come from?

Nutricosmetics encompasses a new generation of beauty products that work within the body to improve the skin's external appearance. This word is the result of "nutrition" and "cosmetics".

The concept of Nutricosmetics is the oral intake - not the topical application - of active ingredients, minerals and nutrients with the aim of fundamentally improving skin nutrition.

For many women, direct application of skin care products such as skin cream or serum is a well-known solution to improve skin elasticity and cell metabolism. However, due to government regulations, the lotion is only used on the upper part of the skin. Topical skin care products do not work beyond the superficial layers of the dermis, which they are not allowed to pass through. This is exactly the advantage of Nutricosmetics.

Navimeso Nutrikosmetik

Nutricosmetics products are convenient and easy to absorb. It is the perfect helper for those who are short on time and want to take care of their skin without inconvenience. But that doesn't mean they replace your favorite beauty products, quite the opposite. Indeed, Nutricosmetics complements and enhances the effects of topical skin care products such as creams, serums, etc. Nutricosmetics can easily be used on a daily basis to produce visible results on the skin.

Nutricosmetics is the latest trend in the beauty industry. This trend is being quickly embraced by many beauty lovers because it fits into modern culture: consumers today are very cautious about the foods they put into their bodies and there is a growing demand for products that have the ability to reduce the risk of side effects without causing side effects promote health and beauty.

Navimeso® - A skin revitalizing nutritional supplement from Schaeffer Nutraceuticals®

Aware of the growing concern for skin and beauty, Schaeffer Nutraceuticals has researched and launched a brand new product just for the skin care solution. Our Nutricosmetics product called Navimeso® will fundamentally change the desire to improve skin condition.

Navimeso® follows our patented nutritional technology - Vitaprotein®, in which the nutrients from the capsule are "smartly" transported by the encoded protein to be metabolized in the appropriate body cells. Therefore, the skin cells can absorb these nutrients effectively and actively. By supplying our skin with the active ingredients it needs, we improve it from within and sustainably.

Navimeso® dietary supplement for daily skin care has a specially developed anti-aging formula with selected biomimetic peptides and a high concentration of active ingredients such as high quality hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals. Navimeso® effectively corrects the signs of skin aging because these active ingredients reach the surface evenly, keep the skin taut and delay the aging process.

Navimeso - Peptide Formula

The Navimeso® table below shows the combination of nutrition for skin and health in the daily dose.

Navimeso Inhalt

We understand your needs and give you a key to alleviating your concerns about aging skin. Navimeso® promotes a more elastic skin that is also softer, more radiant and better protected from external aggressions.

It supports:

  • Correct skin hydration
  • Improved skin density and elasticity
  • reduction in wrinkles
  • reduction in skin damage
  • Higher production of collagen and elastic fibers
  • Stimulating natural repair and regenerative skin processes
  • Removal of free radicals and protection against oxidative stress
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Faster skin regeneration after aesthetic medical procedures such as laser therapy, mesotherapy and filler injections
Navimeso is currently available for EUR 35. We offer you a special discount: buy 2 Navimeso for only 50 EUR.

Enjoy the great innovation of beauty!

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