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6 Tips For A Healthy Life After 50

Turning 50 can come as a shock to many people. You may feel that your health has weakened after this phase. Schaeffer Nutraceuticals has some suggestions on how to maintain a healthy life after 50.

Gesundes Leben ab 50

1. Maintain Your Proper Diet

As age gets older, the digestive system functions less well than before. The body's ability to absorb nutrients decreases. The eating habits of people in their 50s need to be changed accordingly.

Stick to foods that are good for your mental and personal health, like fish, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Remember to drink enough water every day (2 liters per day on average). Replace coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks with water, tea, or unsweetened fruit juice.

2. Do You Do Sports Regularly

You may need to adjust your exercise program as you get older. For example, switch to lighter dumbbells instead of barbells if you're suffering from a muscle strain or if you're taking too long to recover after lifting weights. Don't stop, just adapt. The same goes for cardio exercise, like running, swimming, tennis, or gymnastics. And try yoga, it not only strengthens but also has a relaxing effect. You will find the key to success in doing sports activities. There's too much to gain by continuing and too much to lose by quitting.

3. Watch Your Weight

Losing weight after 50 becomes more difficult because your metabolism slows down. Maintaining the right body weight will make you feel better and think more clearly. So make yourself a promise that you will remember this point.

If you're not exercising by the time you're 50, start now! The heavier you are, the more susceptible you are to a wide range of health problems - from heart attacks to diabetes and beyond.

4. Do You Sleep Enough?

Getting enough sleep is also vital to your health. When you were young you might have been able to get by with a minimum, but now - not anymore. Find your sleep rhythm. These days you will find plenty of sleep tips online as well. If these don't work for you, see a doctor because sleep is crucial.

5. Have Your Health Check Done Annually

After the age of 50, we should take the time to do regular health check-ups 1-2 times a year. At this age, the risk of some diseases increases, such as blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. Screening helps to identify abnormal signs and treat a possible disease early.

6. A Healthy Life After 50 Needs Nutritional Supplements


Your body always needs vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system. In addition, an antioxidant component may help slow down the rate of aging. If you are 50 or over 50 years old, the right supplements can help you increase your energy. A good choice is Viproactive® 50+  by Schaeffer Nutraceuticals, which is based on Nobel Prize-winning discoveries in nutrition. The patented formula delivers nutrients to the cell's energy centers faster and more efficiently than conventional products, leaving you feeling stronger, more vital and more productive.

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