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6 Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat [Part 2]

Belly fat is closely associated with an increased risk of various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and the like. However, most people can completely get rid of excess belly fat through lifestyle changes, including a healthy eating plan and exercise.

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4. Add High-fiber Foods

High-fiber foods are often harder to digest in the body. Eating lots of fiber is a safe and effective way to lose weight. These fibers bind with water, which then forms a thick gel that remains in the body's intestines. This special gel has the ability to slow down the movement of food through the digestive system. In addition, it also slows down the digestive process as well as the absorption of nutrients by the body. This keeps you feeling full for longer, which in turn significantly reduces your appetite.

One study found that adding 14 grams of fiber per day resulted in a 10 percent reduction in calories and about 2kg weight loss over 4 months. Eating 10 grams of fiber per day reduces the amount of excess fat in the inner abdomen by 3.7 percent. This is evidence that soluble fiber is very helpful in reducing bad fat.


You can get more fiber from foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and oats. Another type of fiber that is also good for weight loss is glucomannan. This is one of the best plant-based viscose fibers available today, which has been shown to be safe in many studies and has a very good effect on weight loss.

5. Do You Do Sports Regularly

Regular exercise is one of the best things everyone should do to prolong life, promote good health, and prevent disease.

One of the amazing health benefits of exercise is reducing belly fat.

However, this does not mean that you should only focus on abdominal exercises, since it is impossible to lose fat in one part of the body. According to the results of a recent study, a 6-week ab workout did not have a major impact on waist circumference or excess fat in the abdominal cavity. Instead, strength training or cardio helps reduce body fat.


In addition, abdominal fat decreases significantly if you regularly do aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming.

Regular exercise completely prevents belly fat from returning after weight loss. This has shown that exercise has a particularly important place in weight maintenance for everyone. It also helps protect against infections, lowers blood sugar, and improves other metabolic activities associated with excess abdominal fat in the body.

6. Control your food intake and take additional dietary supplements

Daily control of food intake is an important task to keep your weight in balance.

The above points will suggest you which foods to ingest and which to avoid. Please consider the changes in your meals and pay attention to the results and signals from your body.

Finally, we also recommend that you take the appropriate supplements that support your fat loss plan. Not all the advertisements that you will find on the Internet about dietary supplements will help your beautiful belly.

At Schaeffer Nutraceuticals we have developed a special research-based dietary supplement Viproactive® slim Pro. This particular product supports metabolism and its natural ingredients help burn the bad fat in the belly.

Viproactive Slimpro

In order to achieve the optimal result on your way to weight loss, we recommend that you combine the 5 methods mentioned above with taking Viproactive® slim Pro. As the saying goes: “No pain, no gain”. Maintain good eating habits and we will support you with the rest.

We wish you success in your goal of weight loss and a healthy body.

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