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Park at the nearest available parking meter without paying the meter and call 999-999-9999 to report the problem. We will note and approve your alternate location and will investigate the cause of the shortage in your assigned facility.

You should come to the Parking office and report the loss. There is a fee to replace your lost permit. However, if your permit was stolen, a copy of a police report needs to be submitted along with a stolen parking permit form for a fee replacement exemption.

All facilities are restricted from 2:00 am - 6:00 am on all days. No exceptions are made for any holiday or recess except those officially listed as a Holidays in the calendar. Please note: 24-hour rental spaces, 24-hour rental lots, and disabled parking is enforced at all times.

Some parking facility restrictions differ from others. Be sure to take note of the signs at each lot entrance.

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